Is the federal government hijacking our healthcare system?

Great Question!

Great Question!

We have another hijacking taking place. This one is happening in Washington. The Democrats in the house of representatives are about to ramrod a healthcare reform bill using a “fast track” procedure that limits debate to 20 hours!

Democrats place healthcare legislation on fast track

How can the complex problems we have be resolved in 20 hours? This reconciliation legislation also eliminates any filibuster from the Republicans.

If you think the Canadian healthcare system is a decent option, you need to see the other side of the story:  

Unfortunately with so few conservatives in Congress there are no checks & balances in place to stop this. However, we do need to let our representatives know that 20 hours and then forcing a vote is ridiculous!


  1. During the last administration, didn’t the Democrats object to the “fast tracking” of judicial appointees? It all depends on whose ox is being gored.
    Twenty hours of debate is ridiculous. If you think healthcare is expensive now, wait till you have more layers of federal bureaucracy and it’s allegedly free. Taxes will skyrocket.

  2. Hopefully, when we look back on the Great Health Care Debate of 2009 we will not think of it as policy created in a Kangaroo Court thinly disguised as an authentic dialogue. If weakly conceived and poorly executed, we could be stepping into a Dark Ages of health care.

  3. What an outrage! How can anyone be expected to make such critical decisions in 20 hours of debate? No one. And to say they must do so is to distort the truth.

    This debate has been going on since at least Hillary Clinton’s attempt to push for change. And what did the insurance industry, medical establishment, or pharmaceutical companies do during that time? They ignored change, and made a boatload of money.

    And what happened to the poor, working poor, self employed, small business owner, they went without insurance, paid through the roof, or were denied for prior health problems. And what was done about that-nothing.

    So, Republicans have had more than enough time to ponder the system and propose changes and they haven’t. So I can’t see how giving an additional 20,40, 60 hours will make a bit of difference.

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