16 pages into Obamacare bill… individual private medical insurance will be ILLEGAL!

So the Prez says we can keep our current private health insurance plan as long as we choose to. But what does the bill say?


It's Not An Option

It's Not An Option



Those of us that are self employed and have enjoyed the low cost options that individual health plans can offer will be forced into Obamacare whether or not we want to.

This is NOT a plan to compete with private health insurance plans, it’s a plan to ELIMINATE THEM!

Luckily Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) and GOP members of Congress’ Joint Economic Committee have released the following chart explaining how the House Majority’s health care plan is structured.

Obamacare simplified

Obamacare simplified

Now it all makes sense!

The scariest part about this complicated scheme is that they want to vote on it as early as next week! 

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