ObamaCare has been ruled Constitutional… NOW WHAT?

Regardless of how SCOTUS arrived at its decision, ObamaCare (Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act) is now the law of the land.

I was interviewed this morning on The KCMO Morning Show with Greg Knapp.  He asked me what ObamaCare will do to our current insurance plans:

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Greg Knapp and Scott Borden

We discussed several of the mandates that will raise health insurance premiums such as guaranteed issue and the rarely mentioned time bomb known as the 3:1 Ratio. If only young people understood how ObamaCare will significantly increase their health insurance premiums, maybe they won’t be as eager to support Obama like 68% of them did in ’08.

There is still a chance to overturn the largest tax increase and re-distribution legislation in the history of our country.  Your chance will come November 6th.

Democrats vote November 7th.

(UPDATE: Read ObamaCare vs. Health Savings Accounts article published in Ingram’s Magazine September, 2012)

Will ObamaCare Survive the Supreme Court?

Can the federal government penalize private citizens for doing nothing?

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) requires all US Citizens to purchase a private health insurance policy or face a penalty by 2014.

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals Strikes Down PPACA’s Individual Mandate

What do you think?

Health Insurance plans will be required to cover Birth Control Pills

The PillThis week HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius broadened the scope of “preventive” to cover birth control and the “morning after” pill at 100%.

US says insurers must fully cover birth control

All new health insurance policies effective after August 1st, 2012 will include this mandate.

Kathleen Sebelius also stated, “Under the new law, it will be illegal to charge women more just because of their gender.”  Although there could be some savings for health insurance companies due to slightly lower pregnancy rates, the cost of these medications that can range as low as $160 per year to over $1000 per year will cost far more than any potential savings.

There are other mandates hiding in Obamacare that might level the rates between men and women, but this isn’t one of them.

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