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Direct Pay Consulting

With decreasing reimbursements and increasing regulations from insurance companies and government entities, most primary care physicians are concerned about the direction healthcare is headed. ObamaCare is forcing small practices to join with larger Accountable Care Organizations in order to maximize reimbursements. These groups typically demand a higher patient workload which reduces the time necessary to build the important doctor/patient relationship.

Will Your Doctor Quit?

Direct Pay Consulting offers a turn-key alternative to this “corporate medicine” approach. We specialize in helping physicians transition to a Direct Primary Care (the affordable version of “Concierge Medicine) business model. We know that educating your patients about why you are making this transition is essential. But we go one step further.

By also educating your patients on how to select insurance products (such as HSA qualified plans) that are more suitable for Direct Primary Care practices, they can often save enough on premium and taxes to more than offset annual physician fees. This significantly increases the number of patients that stay with you.

If you are a highly successful physician that wants to get back to spending your time helping your patients instead of filing paperwork and arguing with insurance companies, then we have a solution for you.

Seven minute talk radio show interview EVERY family physician should see:

The Direct Pay Physician Business Model: An Interview With Scott Borden

Douglas Brooks, MD was the one that saw how important HSAs are to Direct Primary Care. He has established a huge following of patients over the past 20+ years here in the Kansas City and surrounding areas due to his holistic approach to medicine. He recently moved to a Direct Pay model. That means he will not be an in-network provider for health insurance plans including Medicare & Medicaid. This trend will significantly increase once ObamaCare places even more regulations on how physicians are supposed to treat their patients and how much they are paid.

Together we brought the message of excellent physician access that is easily affordable for most Americans when they switch to lower-cost HSA qualified plans. Over 1000 of his patients transitioned with him to his Direct Primary Care practice. We were honored to have Dr. Brooks on our radio show discussing his transition:

Is Direct Pay limited to primary care physicians?  Not at all!  Here is a podiatrist that couldn’t remain in business with the additional costs needed to remain compliant with insurance companies and Medicare, so he requested our help in transitioning his practice to Direct Pay:

Greg Knapp interviewed Scott Borden on the KCMO Morning Show discussing ObamaCare vs. Physicians:

If you are a well established physician concerned about the direction healthcare is headed and would like to explore affordable options to help you and your patients transition to a Direct Pay model, then call 913-980-4694.

Physician’s Declaration of Independence

Update: Douglas Brooks MD on Fox 4 News March 18, 2013

Another Update: Jenison Podiatry is converting to Direct Pay January 1, 2014.


  1. Great to see that other doctors are moving to the direct pay model! There are doctors in Texas that are doing the same. This model gives patients much better price for their services. See for yourself…

  2. […] Borden is the founder of Direct Care Consulting and can be reached at 913-980-4694 (mobile) or at […]

  3. […] Borden is the founder of Direct Pay Consulting and can be reached at 913-980-4694 (mobile) or at […]

  4. I’ve noticed different prices for concierge or direct pay docs. Have you found a certain price point that seems to make joining a practice financially worth it when you combine a HDHP?

  5. There are lots of us in the Kansas City area embracing Direct Primary Care and loving the ability to spend real time with our patients again!

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