ObamaCare is HERE!

ObamaCare Day 1

ObamaCare is here…
The healthcare landscape has changed.

Dave Ramsey's ELP

Dave Ramsey’s ELP

As Dave Ramsey’s Endorsed Local Provider (ELP), our goal is to make you aware of these changes.
We have tools available to help answer your questions:
You have more options available now than you will have next year.


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Obama-Car Volt

While talking about healthcare reform with my wife, our teenage son started asking questions. We tried to answer him in a way he could understand, but we just weren’t getting through. Health insurance is a foreign language to him. However he is dreaming about which car he will soon purchase. So we introduced ObamaCare to him by way of the Affordable Car Act… a.k.a. Obama-Car:

Obama says his reforms will include additional mandated essential health benefits AND reduce health insurance costs by $2500 per family. That’s simply impossible. That would be like requiring all 2014 cars to be either hybrid or fully electric (more energy efficient), include run-flat tires with electronic low-pressure warnings (better fuel economy), HID headlights (better night vision), GPS (less fuel wasted getting lost), and satellite radio (because it sounds good) at a lower price.

Yes, these OPTIONS are nice if you have the money to pay for them, but they should remain OPTIONS, not REQUIREMENTS.

Instead of a Chevy Cruze starting at $17,000 the new Obama-Car compliant version (such as the Chevy Volt) would be priced around $34,000.

Obama claims these new cars will only be paid in full by the “millionaires and billionaires” because anyone making less than 400% of the poverty level will have some (or all) of their car subsidized by the government.

Now let’s talk about used cars…


Let’s say you like your existing car.  As long as you owned it before March 23, 2010, you would be allowed to keep it. You cannot make any changes to it or it would no longer be “grandfathered” and you would be forced into buying a new Obama-Car next year or pay a penalty.

If it doesn’t get good enough gas mileage or include all the new Obama-Car required Overpriced Bureaucratically Authorized Mandated Add-ons (OBAMA), then you would also be penalized.

Our son is glad Obama-Car doesn’t exist. He can save his own money to purchase any car he chooses… as long as Dad (not Obama) approves of it!

Dislaimer:  This article was never meant to suggest Obama-Car legislation is needed or should ever become law.

Prepare For ObamaCare

Dear Nancy Pelosi,

After 3+ years and 20,000+ pages of additional clarifications…

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) points up at ObamaCare
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) points up at ObamaCare

Washington’s version of “competing”

How would you like to “compete” against a team where the referee was allowed to make any rule change they wanted…

Welcome to Obamacare 2009!

16 pages into Obamacare bill… individual private medical insurance will be ILLEGAL!

So the Prez says we can keep our current private health insurance plan as long as we choose to. But what does the bill say?


It's Not An Option

It's Not An Option



Those of us that are self employed and have enjoyed the low cost options that individual health plans can offer will be forced into Obamacare whether or not we want to.

This is NOT a plan to compete with private health insurance plans, it’s a plan to ELIMINATE THEM!

Luckily Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) and GOP members of Congress’ Joint Economic Committee have released the following chart explaining how the House Majority’s health care plan is structured.

Obamacare simplified

Obamacare simplified

Now it all makes sense!

The scariest part about this complicated scheme is that they want to vote on it as early as next week! 

Paul Ryan speaks on the radio about spending, debt, and healthcare reform

The Jay Weber Show


The big lie…. keeping your current private healthcare plan in the new Obamacare system! 

The current Medicare / Medicaid system underpays physicians by 20% and hospitals by 30% which is offset by charging more to private insurance plans. If more people are transferred to a new public plan, then the cost of private care will be increased dramatically. This will not allow real competition. This will in fairly short order eliminate all private health plans.

Reconciliation rules don’t allow filibuster in the Senate.  The votes are already there.  The actual 1000+ page bill was just released last night, yet congress is to vote on it next month.


For more information visit www.heritage.org/LeadershipForAmerica/health-care.cfm

Remember to contact your representatives before it’s too late!

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