Paul Ryan speaks on the radio about spending, debt, and healthcare reform

The Jay Weber Show 

The big lie…. keeping your current private healthcare plan in the new Obamacare system! 

The current Medicare / Medicaid system underpays physicians by 20% and hospitals by 30% which is offset by charging more to private insurance plans. If more people are transferred to a new public plan, then the cost of private care will be increased dramatically. This will not allow real competition. This will in fairly short order eliminate all private health plans.

Reconciliation rules don’t allow filibuster in the Senate.  The votes are already there.  The actual 1000+ page bill was just released last night, yet congress is to vote on it next month.


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Remember to contact your representatives before it’s too late!

Is the federal government hijacking our healthcare system?

Great Question!

Great Question!

We have another hijacking taking place. This one is happening in Washington. The Democrats in the house of representatives are about to ramrod a healthcare reform bill using a “fast track” procedure that limits debate to 20 hours!

Democrats place healthcare legislation on fast track

How can the complex problems we have be resolved in 20 hours? This reconciliation legislation also eliminates any filibuster from the Republicans.

If you think the Canadian healthcare system is a decent option, you need to see the other side of the story:  

Unfortunately with so few conservatives in Congress there are no checks & balances in place to stop this. However, we do need to let our representatives know that 20 hours and then forcing a vote is ridiculous!

Socialized Medicine the Ultimate Cure? No. Here’s the Other Side of This Story…

Uninsured In America Video SeriesWith so many current politicians correctly stating that our health care system is in need of drastic changes, some have declared single-payer health care systems and socialized health care systems as the only thing that would solve our problems here in the USA.  These politicians often praise the Canadian system as one we should look to.  Many Americans saw the movie “Sicko” and agree with Michael Moore’s portrayal of socialized medicine as the ultimate cure.

Stuart Browning has produced a short video series that shows the other side of the story:

Although there are many examples of our system not working correctly, we believe the current privately insured system can be fixed.  Health Savings Accounts, along with their qualified insurance plans, are showing tremendous promise in significantly reducing health insurance premiums and making quality health care affordable for millions of Americans that were previously uninsured. 

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