I guess this is why they call them “Cadillac” health insurance plans… they cost about as much!

Unfortunately Massachusetts passed healthcare reform back in 2006 that is eerily similar to Obamacare 2010. The huge premium increases necessary to cover these madate laden policies is causing a new set of problems in Massachusetts.

It looks like many Massachusetts municipalities are paying extremely high health insurance premiums. Some of these “Cadillac” plans cost over $40,000 per year! Everything over $27,500 is going to be subject to additional taxes which will result in…. EVEN HIGHER PREMIUMS!

Here is a link to┬áthree Cadillac models you can purchase for under $40,000. At least you can take a few years to pay off a Caddy…

Buy a brand new Cadillac for less than some people pay for health insurance every year!

Since government regulations such as guaranteed issue have made health insurance so affordable in Massachusetts, why don’t we have Washington pass similar legislation for our whole country?

Oh wait…

Massachusetts is working so well… Why not force it on everyone?

So now that the people have spoken very loudly (just ask Claire McCaskill) against socialized medicine congress is trying to get support for another bill that is eerily similar to the Massachusetts healthcare reform plan. The good news is we now have a track record to see how well these mandates work. The bad news is that nobody in the majority party seems to care about results.

Three Lessons from Massachusetts

We can’t afford to make the same mistake.

And would somebody actually read the bill before they vote?

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