Wasn’t Obamacare supposed to SAVE money?

The first casualties of Obamacare seem to be businesses with retirees that used to be able to take a tax deduction for covering their retiree prescription drug programs.  AT&T was one of the first to share their concerns.


AT&T estimates Obamacare will cost them (and us) $1billion

But you might not want to start complaining about how much Obamacare is going to cost your company. Otherwise you will probably be summoned to Washington to explain how come eliminating business tax deductions will costs you money. These are the same bureaucrats that think 2400+ pages of regulations and subsidies will somehow save our economy, so facts and common sense won’t help.

Henry Waxman

Democrats accused of intimidating firms for healthcare concerns

The tax increases on the surface of Obamacare are targeted at wealthy people, but the additional costs will all be passed on down the line to the consumer.  So it’s not only “the rich” that will have  to pay more for everyday goods & services to cover the mandated benefits and additional taxes contained in Obamacare… WE ALL WILL PAY!

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